442 - CopyMoshi, Tanzania – Msamaria Centre for Street Children


The Need:


In 2012, we learned about the Msamaria Centre for Street Children located in Moshi, Tanzania. The Centre/Orphanage had lots of children to feed and not nearly enough food to properly care for everyone. The situation was troubling and the Centre’s director – Folkward – knew he’d need to feed even more children in the future as poverty was rapidly increasing. Knowing there would be even more children to feed soon, we discussed how we might help.


Our Response:


Folkward had a vision. He wanted to start a sustainable chicken project at the Centre. A building on the grounds would house 500 baby chickens and those chickens would start laying eggs after six months. Then, after another year, they would be sold to buy more baby chickens to keep the cycle going. Folkward laid out a compelling plan – including a veterinarian and a medicine regimen – to keep the chickens happy, healthy and productive. BarnRaisers donated $2,500 and partnered with Indy-based KidsFirst Foundation to support the overall project. And we went to Tanzania to help get it all started.


The Result:


We are thrilled to report that this project has been a success. The Centre now has enough food to feed all of the street children/orphans in its care. And the extra funds generated from this sustainable project have helped with the purchase of books and computers and other supplies that the kids need to pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty they were born into. Beyond that, we were able to engage Rotary International to get involved too. Last year, the Centre launched a sustainable fish project that shows tremendous promise too. Thanks for your support.


What Others are Saying:


“At Moshi things are going very well and we have good news to you all that our chickens have started laying eggs. Now, all of our children will have four eggs per week. We acknowledge your support in this project that will make our life at the orphanage better. Thank you so much! God bless and with love.”

  • Folkward Mapunda
MsMaria Orphanage, Moshi Tanzania