Earlier this year, Barnraisers raised and distributed $30,000 in two Costa Rican communities.  We funded, from the ground up, the building of a community center in the indigenous BriBri village of Dururpe.  This area is extremely impoverished and some families live 2.5 hours into the jungle and lack medical access, sanitation and education.  The community center will serve as a daycare, health center and infant and pediatric care center.  To reach the community, we drove in a van, then crossed a river by boat, and rode horses to reach the village. The villagers welcomed us with open arms and showed us how to make chocolate and weave roofs for their houses.  We celebrated the community center with lunch that was served in banana leaves and sampled a local drink called Chicha.


We also spent two service days in the town of Puerto Veijo where we helped paint walls at a local school, sand and stain desks, and cleaned up their playgrounds.

Thank you to all our of generous donors for making this important work possible!

Costa Rica