Guatemala – Ceylan Village School


The Need:


In 2013, we became aware of special needs in the remote Guatemalan village of Ceylan. Children in the village didn’t have adequate space to learn and they didn’t’ have enough food or clean water to eat.


Our Response:


In coordination with the Village Experience and Vamos Adalante, we raised $35,000 to build a four-room school building in the remote village of Ceylan in Guatemala. Then, in February of 2014, a group of BarnRaisers representatives traveled with other volunteers to Ceylan to complete the classroom building project and participate in an opening dedication celebration.


The Result:


These four classrooms now provide education classes for the children of the village, ranging from 100 to 150 students during the class time. Our gift also provided food, water purifiers and new energy efficient stoves for the children and their families in the village.


Classrooms, Ceylan Guatemala