DSC_7601BarnRaisers of Indiana was established in 2012 to address children’s issues locally and abroad. We primarily focus on raising and distributing funds for sustainable projects that can improve the health and quality of orphaned and/or under-privileged children and youth.  Thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors, we have contributed more than $300,000 to date to help kids in need.

Here is one of the board members account of how the name “BarnRaisers” originated:

” The board was having one of the first meeting discussing how we wanted this idea to move forward and how to get the golf outing started.  Some one said, “What are we going to call this?”  Scott said he had just finished Mitch Daniels book and he remembered in the book that Mitch talked about how people in Indiana get together and help anyone who is in need, just like the Amish all come together to build a Barn. And someone suggested, “That’s it!  We will call ourselves BarnRaisers, just a group of guys getting together, raising some funds and help the children in need in Indiana.  And someone said, “Why not throughout the world?”  So that is why we help children Internationally as well as Indiana.